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Our quality of life should be maintained. Hard work now will reap benefits towards a viable future for Riverhead. 

On Our Water District – We should fight against county acquisition of our water district. This issue lies in waiting behind the Supervisor’s back doors, without transparency or disclosure to the public. The potential acquisition by the county should be exposed and addressed in an open forum enabling transparency to prevail for the good of all Riverhead residents. We must make every effort to fight against county acquisition. The Riverhead Water District is Riverhead’s BIGGEST income generating asset. Riverhead has the best and purest water in the entire county due to the existence of our aquifer. Once the water district is acquired by the county, there is no guarantee we will ever receive the timely water supply we currently have. In the past, Suffolk County has experienced water supply deficiency problems. Furthermore, of concern is the possibility, the county will send our water outward to other towns without compensation and substantially increase the cost of water we receive.  A more practical solution is to maintain our most valuable asset and sell our water to Suffolk County.

Riverhead local  (7/18/2019) Future of Riverhead Water District becomes a political campaign issue


On Our Police – Collectively, we need to maintain control of our police department. We must prevent county acquisition. At the present moment, there is a concerted effort by the county to take control of our police department. Should the county succeed, we can anticipate:

·       Response time will increase

·       Crime rates will increase

·       The quality of patrol services will decrease

·       The quality of our investigations will be decrease

·       Members of the police force who reside in our town will decrease

We need viable public-private partnerships, which in turn will transcend into economic prosperity for our Town. Especially, the property owners and to enhance our Town’s future cohesively. In public-business management, the mantra is “effective management skills are necessary to accomplish goals, while protecting all the people it serves.” We need our community to have faith in our Town Supervisor to possess the ability to effectively manage and move our Town forward, not publicity driven drama with a false sense of transparency.


Downtown Revitalization and Route 58 Corridor

We need a cohesive plan to move our Town forward. Our revitalization efforts have been stalled for one and a half years. We need our community to have faith in our ability to manage and move our government forward. We should concentrate on creating open spaces, creating new expanded child friendly parks, exposing the riverfront to Main Street and apportioning larger old retail locations into smaller rentable spaces. This approach will garner a desirable welcoming quaint hometown charm.

Once an effective development plan is developed, we should expedite approvals and reduce fees to further fortify our goals effectively. Planning to move our Town forward is possible with the right management team in place. However, you need a leader who has the desire to act and make decisions. This approach will also entice the right developers for our Town and reap the fruits of good and effective government. We need to be progressing towards setting our goals and objectives for our town in a cohesive manner. Many of our communities around us thriving. Why? Simple, they have a business and resident friendly Town. We have the infrastructure in place, the desire of businesses to work with our community and the ability to change zoning. Change can happen now!

Press Release - 8/01/2019 - Water Quality in Riverhead

Media Advisory
For Immediate Release:
August 1, 2019


Yvette Aguiar has serious concerns regarding lead-based water service pipes in the Riverhead Water District

Riverhead Town received a non-solicited $627,327 state grant to replace lead-based drinking water service pipes in Riverhead. The funds were allocated based on the percentage of children with elevated blood lead levels, the median household income and the number of homes which currently have lead-based water service lines. The grant targeted Riverhead as a one of the highest at-risk communities.

Unfortunately, our town Supervisor has indicated “I have a lot of questions about implementation before we commit to it.” What doubts does the Town Supervisor have? In certain areas of our town, service water pipes are lead-based. Fact is, we have high lead counts in our community. As a result, the state has afforded our town funds to mitigate this dangerous health issue. Eliminating lead-based service pipes is essential to healthy human development. We need this grant utilized as soon as possible.

This grant is critical to maintaining a safe and healthy community. The Town Supervisor needs to ensure our drinking water is free of contaminants and safe for us to drink. We need to utilize this grant as soon as possible to ensure the necessary upgrades to our water district are implemented. Ensuring the health and safety of Riverhead town residents should always be a priority.

I have serious reservations concerning the Supervisor’s approach to managing our water district. In addition to her indecisiveness in utilizing the allocated funds, the law states, we need to have a certified senior water operator available to oversee our water district. The former Water Superintendent retired on July 2nd, 2019.  It has been a month since his departure. We need our Water District Superintendent on board immediately.

As a member of this community, I urge the Town Supervisor to accept the grant award. This grant was issued to protect the health and future welfare of our families and children.  The Supervisor’s response, “We will think about it,” appears unreasonable and unacceptable.

Pattern Book (AKA Pretty Pictures Book) for Downtown

From the Riverhead Local  - August 21

Republican supervisor candidate Yvette Aguiar in an interview after the meeting called the pattern book “another delay tactic for not addressing the urgent issues that we have to revitalize downtown.”

She said Riverhead has “great architects who know every nook and cranny in our town and architects and designers serving on the ARB and other committees” and she does not agree with spending $175,000 for “pretty pictures.”

Another delay and waste of taxpayers' dollars - do we need an Pennsylvanian firm to tell us how Riverhead should look? 

The pattern book does not address the vacant storefronts on Main Street and the issues concerning the area around the train station. Planting pretty flowers around the station is not the solution to the inherent problems. 

One of the 17 buildings for rent on Main Street in Riverhead.

Downtown ‘pattern book’ is an unnecessary, costly half-step

The Pattern Book should become part of the updated master plan. issue summary goes here. This text will appear on your Issues page.

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