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At the town board meeting on July 19, 2022, my response to possible legislation to restrict firearms businesses and shooting ranges from operating in Riverhead.


I hate to disagree with you on utilizing a national issue with all these shootings. The guns are not in the hands of your average law-abiding citizen. You can create as many laws as you want — 1,000 of them. All these public announcements, all these press conferences, and you create the toughest laws in the world. The guns are in the wrong people, they’re in the hands of the criminals — as a result of defunding the police, which aids it, and they’re in the hands of some of the mentally disabled individuals.

To put one issue with another is not correct. From a law enforcement individual, former law enforcement, I know where the guns are. I know how they get here. I know what town, what states they come from. And I know they all travel through I-95,” Aguiar continued. “I’m not giving you — you give me your opinion. I’m telling you a fact …the guns are in the wrong hands and having all these legislations it’s not going to stop the shootings.




Happy Fourth of July!


Speech in Front of the Greater Jamesport Civic Association.  

As I viewed the great fireworks display on Alive on 25 Friday night, I reflected on the history of America, how the sacrifices of selfless individuals, such as the signers of the Declaration of Independence and members of our armed forces, who built the foundations of our liberty. The founding fathers made the difficult decision to severe ties with England because of the lack of freedom and rights.

The act of signing the landmark document, was considered treason, punishable by death. In addition, the members of the military, past and present, some, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and enabled America to become the beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world.


Communities across America celebrate this day through fireworks, parades, ceremonies, baseball games, and picnics. We also celebrate this special day with family, friends, and fellow Americans. The Fourth of July is symbolic of having the opportunity to celebrate unity and the birth of our independence. Freedom is not given it is won!


Reflecting on Abraham Lincoln “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


Happy a wonderful and blessed Fourth of July.



Thank you for all who attended the Riverhead State of the Town Address.

The Future of Riverhead is bright

 State of the Town Video

2022 State of the Town Address





Memorial Day 2020

"America without her soldiers would be like God without her Angels"

Claudia Pemberton



I was Honored to be named Supervisor of the Year by the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Congressman Lee Zeldin presented me with a certificate






Great article in the New York Times. Riverhead is on the Map.

Riverhead is no longer the Land of No - Riverhead is the Place to Go.



Riverhead, N.Y.: A Long Island Community That’s Suddenly Popular - The New York Times (



Riverhead stands with the Ukraine.



Great Day for the Town of Riverhead!

To all those believers who worked tirelessly to promote our Town, your wish came true. Today Riverhead received a $10,000,000 grant for a new Town Square. We are well on our way. All levels of Government came together.     Thank you, Governor Hochul!






I had the honor of being sworn in by Senator Alfonse D'Amato at Riverhead 2022 Inauguration.

It is my privilege to be elected as your town supervisor for a second term.


   Our traditional & moral values are under constant attack. Our hard-working citizens face enormous financial press due to rising taxes to fund giveaway programs by the state and federal governments.

I recognize the importance of faith, family, education and hard work. I support the police and against any political pressure to defund our law enforcement.  





Thank you for all your support on Election Night and for the honor to continue as Supervisor of this great town.


The demolition of the two buildings started today to open Downtown Riverhead to the scenic Peconic for the creation of a new town square.  I had the honor of taking the first piece down.




Click on this Link for full article: Aguiar for Riverhead supervisor | Newsday   

Thank you to the Riverhead PBA for endorsing me for a second term as Town Supervisor. I believe that our police should be suppored and NOT DEFUNDED. 

 ***Riverhead taxes have increased in the last 21 years. Supervisor proposes no tax increase and a decrease in her 2022 budget***

Press Release:9/20/21

Supervisor Proposes Zero Percent Property Tax Increase for 2022 Budget and 1% decrease in the Highway Budget:

If approved, it would be the first town budget in 20 plus years to not increase property taxes, with a 1% decrease in the Highway Budget.

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar proposed her Tentative 2022 Town of Riverhead budget this morning that will not increase property taxes. If adopted by the Town Board, the budget would be the first one in more than 20 years to provide residents relief in the form of a 0% increase in taxes and 1% decrease in the Highway Budget.

“The year 2021 has proven to be a year of progress for the Town of Riverhead,” Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said. “Our plans and vision for our great Town are advancing, despite the ongoing financial challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Supervisor Aguiar said her administration instituted proactive measures to reduce spending town-wide as outlined in last year’s budget. These measures were successfully implemented with the assistance and support of the entire Town Board, department head and town employees. “As a result, I am proud to be able to provide our residents and business owners a proposed tentative budget that will hold the line on taxes,” she said. “Sound financial planning in 2021 paved the way for the stable fiscal position we find ourselves in today. It is these fiscal efforts that have enabled me to reduce taxes in the Highway Fund, while keeping taxes in the General Fund and in the Street Lighting Fund to the same level as 2021. This will benefit every taxpayer in the Town of Riverhead and will be the first time in 21 years that property taxes will not increase, and, in fact, will decrease because of lower highway taxes.”

Supervisor Aguiar’s 2022 Tentative Budget provides the Town with the ability to enhance critical Information Technology infrastructure, supply body cameras for police officers, further the expansion of the Code Enforcement Department, continue the updating of the Comprehensive Master Plan, and continue the development of our new Town Square along the Peconic Riverfront in Downtown Riverhead. The use of Community Benefit Funds and American Rescue Funds will be used in part to purchase or upgrade much of this critically needed equipment and vehicles, and will also provide additional training and equipment for the Town’s first responders. “These funds, as well as unanticipated revenues received in 2021, have enabled me to offset inevitable spending increases including contractual expenses and higher health insurance premiums,” she said.

Supervisor Aguiar said, “the primary purpose of this budget was to create a stable road map for fiscal responsibility and future planning. My administration, the Town Board, our department heads, and all town employees will continue to battle the pandemic-fueled fiscal challenges, as the pandemic recovery phase continues. Subsequently, my administration has proven that it is indeed possible to exercise fiscal discipline, while continuing to achieve the momentum to move forward towards the betterment of our entire town.”

According to the Supervisor, the 2022 Tentative Town Budget “reflects my continued commitment to provide fiscal stability with the highest level of services, while continuing to fortify the Town’s infrastructure, increasing public safety, and improving the quality of life for our residents, our businesses, and our visitors.”

Supervisor Aguiar Presents 2022 Tentative Budget to the Town Board, which would not increase taxes

The deadline to submit the 2022 Tentative Budget is Tuesday, October 5, at which point it will become the 2022 Preliminary Budget. The Town Board will have until November 20 to discuss or amend the budget. If no changes are made by the Town Board, the budget will become the 2022 Final Budget.

As a result of the Town Board making difficult choices, Aguiar also noted that in June 2021, after a random review of 20 New York State municipalities, the New York State Comptroller’s Office released a report, determining the Town of Riverhead “adequately assessed the impact of the pandemic on financial operations while developing estimates for significant revenues and expenditures in the 2021 adopted budget.” Furthermore, for the first time in over two decades, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the Town of Riverhead’s bond rating, from Aa3 to Aa2, a significant sign of fiscal stability, similar to an individual credit score, and a reduction in long-term interest rates.


With Your Support, Moving Riverhead Forward! Why I am Running

When I ran for Riverhead Town Supervisor two years ago, my goal was to work for all of Riverhead. For the last 21 months, this dictum has guided my actions. As I seek re-election, I promise to continue to work on behalf of all our residents to provide quality government services in the most efficient way possible at minimal cost to taxpayers, while safeguarding our community, increasing economic opportunities, preserving our local environment, and protecting our drinking water.

Just nine short weeks after taking office, a global pandemic impacted our nation. Here in Riverhead, we experienced monumental challenges. My experience in public and private management, law enforcement and the ability to lead cohesively helped our town government rise above the challenges presented to us. We provided services to the homebound, shelter for the homeless, and secured vaccines for our seniors. At the same time, we reduced spending and debt to improve our fiscal stability and secured our communities. We reduced our crime rate substantially and a recent pandemic-related audit by the New York State Comptroller revealed that we addressed the pandemic setbacks properly, all while maintaining the services our residents expected and deserved. Thereafter, Moody’s increased our bond rating, a significant indicator of financial stability. Reducing property taxes will be my next priority.

While the pandemic response and public safety was my top priority, we moved forward with our plans to develop our local economy, revitalize our downtown, improve local quality of life and protect our environment.
We are creating a town square on our riverfront and two of the blighted buildings across from the Suffolk Theatre will be demolished soon, opening Main Street to beautify our riverfront. I obtained the assistance of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and flooding of the riverfront will finally be addressed.

The Island Water Park, 22 years in the making, will finally open later this year. The year-round destination park will offer activities for all age groups.

Finally, after decades of passion displayed by our residents, drag racing in Riverhead became a reality over the summer.

I support our police. The town has a great force.

I do not support the Defund the Police movement which threatens our safety and well being. 

We formed a beach committee to ensure we maintain our beaches for our residents.
The welfare and safety of our town’s children is a primary concern. As a result, we have reorganized our code enforcement office and enacted new code revisions to enhance enforcement. We are now more prepared to address overcrowded housing issues, once noneviction mandates are lifted.
We formed a committee to address the immediacy to bring clean water to our Manorville residents. I am working with Congressman Zeldin and State officials to bring this long overdue process to a successful close. We have completed a map and plan to facilitate the water service in this area.


While these are only some of my accomplishments over the less than two short years, I am committed to moving Riverhead forward for the benefit of all our residents.
As I seek re-election as Supervisor, I look forward to continuing to speak with town residents and discuss my credentials, management experience, and what we have accomplished so far, along with my vision for Riverhead’s future in a positive, constructive, and balanced manner.



Certificate of appreciation presented to the Riverhead Supervisor, Lion Yvette Aguiar and Lion Paul Carr by Lions Club President, Robert Kozakiewicz and on the left Nick Feliz Lions Zone chairman. Yvette and Paul raising Riverhead Lions sponsored Guide puppy, "River" an adorable black lab named by the town employees.



A great time at the Riverhead High School Blue Waves Homecoming and Football Game. Riverhead won 22-12




Another First for Riverhead - The 1st Annual Octoberfest was a great success, with a large crowd, live music and great food. 


Riverhead was the first town on Long Island to allow outdoor dining to help our restaurants survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 




At the Beat the Heat Event at Race Track - Not Street in EPCAL.

A great crowd of families and racers was present to see racers compete against Sgt. Jose Ayala's in his 1980 Camaro.



        The new Town Square will be the focal point of Downtown Riverhead. A place where families may enjoy the scenic waterfront.



 Photo Courtesy of


 Please read the article in the Riverhead Patch on the racing at EPCAL.


What an awesome opening day for Race Track, Not Street Drag Racing

Today August 21, 2021, Riverhead made history! The first of eight drag racing events went off without a hitch. The entire community is in awe. Thank you, Pete and Maree Moscati, and the Long Island Needs a Drag Strip. The Riverhead face of Drag racing, John Montecalvo, and all those who had a vision. Thank you to Councilmen Tim Hubbard, Frank Beyrodt and Kent Rothwell for voting yes to this great community event. Thank you Congressman Lee Zeldin for supporting Riverhead in this initiative. The whole community came together.

We can't wait for the Next Event!







"The town is going through its renaissance, something we have not seen here in 30 years. We’re doing things that other towns haven’t done.”

Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar.


Great interview on The Future of Riverhead & Drag Racing at EPCAL with Jay Oliver




 At the National Night Out in Riverhead, 

great to see the residents and our Police Department together.




 Moody's upgraded the Town of Riverhead's bond rating from Aa3 to Aa2 rating. First upgrade since 2008. A significant sign of fiscal stability.  




I am honored to be nominated by Dan’s Newspaper, "2021 PowerList of the East End", which recognized the most influential movers and shakers of the North and South Forks, for their continued commitment, impact and influence on the East End.

Riverhead is on the map and moving forward. 


One of the great summertime events is the Jamesport Fire Department Parade, thank you to all the Fire Personnel and EMS who kept us safe especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic   


I had the honor to renamed Marcy Ave - Ziggy's Way after the Zbigniew “Ziggy” Wilinski, a pillar of Polish Town and the Riverhead community. 




Finally, after 20 years of trying under previous supervisors, Island Water will open in the fall. The state of the art park, will generate jobs, grow the local economy and make Riverhead, a year round destination

Video featured on Fox Five New York 

Click below to view video

New water park coming to LI (




Statement on Marijuana Legislation  -  July 7, 2021

 I fully support medical marijuana, as many people do. This is not the issue here. There are many questions with no answers or guidance from NYS regarding this new legislation. Unfortunately, there are way too many unknowns here at the moment. There is no indication of the resources being provided to our law enforcement to safeguard our roads and residents. I spoke with many police departments, including, the NYC and Suffolk Police Departments, including our own Police Department. They are not against the use, they are against the legislation due to the lack of ability to safeguard the public.

I am extremely concern with the issuance of State delivery licenses. It is not clear to me where deliveries may take place or what controls are in place for businesses, private homes, government buildings, or locations where children are present.  I know a colleague of who put on sunglasses and a hat and entered a smoke shop. He asked to purchase the candy known as gummies. He was sold the candy laced with Marijuana. It is very obvious, the bag of candy he purchased was marketed young children. This should be concerning for all parents!

I would have liked to bring this matter to a public vote or at a minimum pursued the option of opting out, until we have created the public safeguards that are needed for detection and control.  Further, I am not sure on the monetary front we many receive, which is very dubious at the moment.

I do not believe I should be pursuing the state taxes, when people are now permitted to grow marijuana in their own homes, or it may be purchase at Indian reservations, again, tax free. This may have been a carrot presented to me. I am sorry, I am not biting. My decision should not be about money that will be offered, it is about safety, prevention, control and proper designation of locations.  

We also have two other options here:

1)To opt out of the legislation (which means to no allow it at this time) and correct some of these concerns. Thereafter, and opt back into it (allow can café use when we are better prepared). I do not see the hurry here?  

2) We could have also put this action up for a permissive referendum, and bring the issue to all Riverhead voters. 

These two options would have been a better approach in my opinion.

Last week, I wrote to the Governor, requesting answers to 10 questions of concern. I hope to receive a response in the near future. Regardless, marijuana use does not belong in Downtown Riverhead or anywhere near our new Town Square!

I respect my colleague’s vote to allow marijuana retail and café use at this time. However, I vote yes to delay the decision and hold off on Marijuana retail and café use, until our community is able to comprehensively explore the entire issue.  






I wish to thank Mark Alhadeff and the all the members of Boy Scout Troop 442 from New York City on their cleanup of Reeves Beach on Sunday June 6, 2021. 


Thank you for all support Drag Racing is back on Long Island.

This family friendly event will bring together the Residents of Riverhead. 


May be an image of text that says 'NHRA Race Track, Not Street A0 DRAG RACING SERIES AT EPCAL RIVERHEAD. ISLAND'


Riverhead town board gives green light to drag racing events on EPCAL property | Newsday





A major step in creating a new Town Square in Riverhead





 Long Island Abate


Last Friday, I had the honor of meeting the great citizens of Riverhead at the Riverhead Republican Campaign Kickoff.

Our traditional & moral values are under constant attack. Our hard working citizens face enormous financial press due to rising taxes to fund giveaway programs by the state and federal governments.

I recognize the importance of faith, family, education and hard work. I support the police and against any political pressure to defund our law enforcement.  





With the family members of PFC. Garfield Langhorn and   

Tech. Sgt. Dashan Briggs at the Honoring the Hometown Heroes Ceremony.

Thank you to the Riverhead Veterans' Advisory Committee and Councilman Rothwell for all your efforts.   


Thank you Lieutenant Rick Boden for your 35 years of faithful service to the Riverhead Police Department. 



Please check out the article in Dan's Paper


PRESS CONFERENCE - Town of Riverhead Announces Release of RFQ to Foster Redevelopment of Riverhead Train Station

Click here for Press Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 24, 2021 Contact: Devon Higgins, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Riverhead-- 631-727-3200 Ext. 252

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said the revitalization of downtown Riverhead is taking another significant step forward with the promotion of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to foster the development of a Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) project.

“The creation of a Transportation Oriented Development at the Riverhead Railroad station will vastly increase public transportation options to live, work and play in downtown Riverhead and beyond,” Supervisor Aguiar said. Riverhead was awarded New York State grant funding several years ago to create the plan, adopt new zoning and issue an RFQ for a developer for the project. “The plan, in part, involves the Town leveraging the train station surface parking lot for a new mixed use TOD development that we are confident will transform this long blighted area,”

Community Development Director Dawn Thomas said. Aguiar praised the entire Town Board for once again advancing downtown revitalization forward despite the 2020 pandemic. “Riverhead’s government has been united in its intent to move redevelopment goals forward,” she said. “Combined with the Town Square, the TOD will transform the downtown business district into a thriving regional hub that offers an attractive venue for people to live, work and play here in Riverhead.”

Supervisor Aguiar expressed her appreciation to New York State and Suffolk County for being enthusiastic financial supporters of the revitalization of Downtown Riverhead. “The Town of Riverhead is entering a period of unprecedented economic renaissance,” she said. “We have not seen this level of positive interest from the private sector, the community, as well as support from all levels of government in at least 20 years. In closing, I want to thank the entire Town Board for working cooperatively towards our mutual goal of seeing a fully revitalized 



Recently, the Town of Riverhead lost a Icon.

Ziggy, You will be missed but never forgotten.


I have been advocating for a COVID-19 vaccination distribution site at our senior center. 

Finally, after many attempts, New York State released 1,000 vaccines for distribution at our Senior center. Thereafter, I petitioned the County and was able to obtain an additional 500 vaccinations. 


I am thankful to the Governor's office and the County Executive for hearing my pleas.


Thank you Councilman Rothwell for your assistance and working with our office to pre-register our seniors.  






  On the Subject of Code Enforcement

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the town's effort on overcrowded housing complaints. Five Supreme Court actions have been commenced, the amount of summons issues has increased and the hours for Code Enforcement have been adjusted. However, these actions, and other initiatives to reduce illegal, overcrowded housing, were put on hold by the governor’s eviction moratorium, which will remain in effect until December 31, 2021.

I have opened a line of communication with School Superintendent and the Board of Education in an effort to increase school funding from the state and address other areas of concern. Our children are the future of Riverhead.



Host an Event: Ask a few friends over to meet the candidate for Riverhead Supervisor. Go to the "Contact" link above. Email Yvette Aguiar and present your ideas for hosting an event.

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